With MBOT9 model has been realized an highly reliable electronic machine at a limited cost.

The machine can make mortisers of various lengths and depths on windows, balconies and doors.

It is equipped with a programmer with a backlit LC-display allowing an immediate reading of entered data; it allows also to stare the various entered programmes which makes the machine operation even quicker.

X axis (longitudinal) transmission is made by trapezoidal screw driven by a speed variator plus a self-breaking motor. The positioning is controled by a revolving trasducer (encoder). the transversal movement is controlled by an airdraulic cylinder with adjustable speed.

N. 3 pcs. Hydraulic pressors for clamping the pieces and automatic table lock during operation.

Lubrication by hand pump centralized.

All the machine controls cannot be activated if the workpiece is not clamped. Normalized electricals.

The machine is equipped with extra guides in aluminium fitted with compensating stops.

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