MB 1 / MBOP 1

Machine planned and designed to meet the needs of the artisan and of the small industry.

It joins the practicalness of the chain mortising machine with the precision of chisel mortising machine.

It can make mortisers on doors and windows of different lengths and depths.

The working head slides is on ground round bars with the assistance of precision self-lubricating bushes and self-cleaning scrapes, which provide a great solidity and work precision.

The machine is equipped with double pneumatic locking of the longitudinal carriage during the work, front pneumatic clamping device, and pneumatic splinter guard with incorporated chips suction inlet.

The machine is also equipped with revolver stops on the longitudinal carriage, depth stops on the head vertical movement and rocking stops on the additional fences of the work table.


The first programmed Vertical chisel mortiser machine!

– Elimination of times for the tracking of the piece.
– More precision in the processing.

Control unit manages all functions of:
– writing and storage of the programs
– indication of adjustment of support of the piece
– position, dimension and depth of the programmed holes

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