Work-center for doors and windows at 4 N.C. axes, equipped with milling head, Anuba head and chisel mortising head

Milling head permits works, of different sizes, on mortises for shutters, door strikes, holes for windows flap, knobs, bolts, Stanley, locks, counterplates, components of stairs and general furniture.

Anuba head places and screws in normal Anuba hinges, Baroque hinges and hinges with double shaft.

Chisel head allows the realization of slots simple or double of different widths and depths.

It has a heavy structure in established tubular steel, with sliding axes on linear guides with preloaded skates, movement by brushless motors and encoder with precision rectified ball screws on Y and Z axes and precision rack on X axis.

Zero stop piece RH and LH.

N.4 pneumatic adjustable clamps.

N.2 front support arms for door or window.

Processor with color monitor 17”, “Touch screen” technology and management software with easy graphical interface complete with all the standard features of the Macro.

CE execution with perimeter fence and photocells anti-intrusion.

This work-center can be available in 3 versions:

– WIN.TECH 280 : milling head / Anuba head
– WIN.TECH 280/BF : milling head / chisel mortising head
– WIN.280 : Anuba head

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