With automatic retaking of the workpiece

With the horizontal chisel mortiser MBOT 20 has been designed an electronic machine completely automatic with small dimensions, that can work pieces max. length until 5 Mt.

The programmer manages the longitudinal movements of the work table (X-Axis, for controlling the length of the mortises and the distance between them), and the transversal movement (Y-Axis, for managing the depth of the mortises).

The vertical adjustment of the head is manual through a hand-wheel with mechanical readout in 2 axes version; while it has managed directly by N.C. in 3 axes version.

The big novelty with this machine, considering its dimensions, is that by means of a pneumatic jaw added to the work table longitudinal stroke, it’s possible to manage automatically by N.C., the working shift along the whole length of the work piece, without manual retakes of it.

The controller of last generation with “Touch Screen” technology and with USB memory supporter permits a very simple and fast programming; management of RH and LH window posts, chips removal and automatic post repartition (English style windows).

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